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Utilities and building services

Sino Iron Power Plant, Australia

Sino Iron Power Plant, Australia

Sino Iron Power Plant comprised the construction of 2 x 50MW power plants in Perth, Western Australia. ADR prepared an independent report for the main contractor for use in a successful adjudication with respect to increased quantities of rock excavation. ADR also advised the main contractor on claims for additional payment for management of change, prolongation and disruption.

Shatin Sewage Treatment Works

Shatin Sewage Treatment Works

The project comprised the upgrading and modification of Shatin sewage treatment works. ADR prepared claims for the main contractor with respect to delays and disruption to the construction works caused by variations and the late receipt of information, together with claims for additional payment.


Infrastructure Hong Kong

Infrastructure works

tunnels, rail, airports, roads and bridges. more

Utilities and building services< Hong Kong

Utilities and building services

power stations, sewerage treatment works, water treatment plants and E&M installations. more

Piling and earthworks Hong Kong

Piling and earthworks

foundations, reclamations and site formation. more

Building Hong Kong

Building works

commercial and residential developments. more

Stonecutters Bridge Hong Kong

Stonecutters Bridge

Second longest span cable-stayed bridge in the world. more

Kowloon Southern Link

Kowloon Southern Link

Twin TBM bored tunnels link Hong Kong's East Rail and West Rail. more

Eagle's Nest Tunnel Hong Kong

Eagle's Nest Tunnel

Two drill and blast, 3 lane road tunnels... more

Britcham Ball 2012, The Grand Hyatt

Knights and fair maidens join us for the "Camelot" themed ball on 8 June 2012... more

ADR Drinks 2012, The China Club

ADR's annual cocktail party held at the China Club on 7 June 2012... more

Bored Piling Hong Kong

Bored Piling

Case Study: Bored Piling. more