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Case Study: Bored Piling

The Problem

Bored Piling

Initial pre-drills for the construction of the bored piles for a major infrastructure project identified a fault zone at the southern part of one of the pile caps.

To better understand the ground conditions the engineer ordered further drillholes, however, the occupation of the southern part of the pile cap by the site investigation drilling rigs sterilized that part of the pile cap.

Variation orders were subsequently ordered by the engineer which, inter alia, relocated some piles away from the fault zone and founded other piles in deeper rock. To construct the piles in the vicinity of the fault zone, some of which extended as deep as 110m, the piling contractor was required to revise his methods of construction.

As a consequence of the above, the construction of the bored piling works was delayed and disrupted and finished some 6 months later than planned.

How did ADR Make a Difference?

ADR were engaged by the Joint Venture to:

  • prepare the Joint Venture's delay and disruption claims with assistance from the JV's geotechnical experts;
  • prepare interim and updated particulars;
  • review the engineer's assessment of the Joint Venture's claims;
  • deal with experts appointed by the employer to audit aspects of the claim and agree facts, figures and any differences;
  • assist in a mediation with the employer where the matter was successfully settled;
  • advise on the drafting of the supplemental agreement; and
  • agree and settle the Joint Venture's specialist piling subcontractor's claims against the Joint Venture.


"ADR played an integral part in the successful settlement of this matter", Commercial Manager for the Joint Venture.

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